Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Smelmooo... the Canadian...(One of the Funniest Converstaions I Have Ever Had)

I have written about this a very long time ago, but I have the same name as a very famous political leader in Canada. When you do a google search for me on the internet, any reference to me doesn't appear until page 15 or so. I have seen this Canadian fella's name before in a number of places including a great newspaper article I once read when I happened to be in Canada about how 2% of those polled believed that (Famous Smelmooo) is the President of the United States...

But... I digress...

In my current job, I have been named to a lot of committees and funds that are listed on national lists and registries. One of these lists is an international collection of a lot of local groups.

I picked up the line when I had this conversation:

Woman: "Is this Mr. Smelmooo?"

Me: "Yes it is. How may I help you?"

Woman: "I have two John Smelmooo's in my system, and I wanted to verify them."

Me: "Ok... what do you need from me?"

Woman: "Do you or have you ever lived in Canada?"

Me: I have now realized what is wrong. "Um. No. Let me guess. That John Smelmooo is from Newfoundland?"

Woman: "Yes! How did you know?"

Me: "He shares my name... and now... apparently... we are both in the same club!"

Woman: "I guess you are. I see that you are just from New Jersey. Do you have a middle initial to differentiate you from the Prime Minister?"

Me: "If you knew he was the Prime Minister, why did you need to verify that __I__ John Smelmooo of New Jersey was not him?"

Woman: "I don't know..."

Me: "N"

Woman: "Thank you and have a nice day."

Me: "You too... but I think I will go invade Ireland now."

Woman: "You do that sir."

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