Monday, July 31, 2006

Let's Embarass The Future Employee -- What Your Lab Coat Says About You

When I see someone in a white lab coat, I think a few things.

1. That person must be a doctor. They command my respect and I will automatically defer to them on a lot of issues. I gotta respect them because they went through a bazillion years of schooling.

2. That person could also be a pharmacist. Did you know that most pharmacists go through 6 years of schooling? Seriously. That's a lot of years for them too. Lots of mad respect for them as well.

If they aren't a medical professional... then I have two other ideas...

3. Mad Scientist. I have seen enough cartoons to believe that there are a lot of mad scientists out there. Heck... if you believe Aqua Teen Hunger Force, there are a pair of them at the Jersey Shore...

4. Butcher or Killer. Yeah.. .like Sam in the Brady Bunch or all the Russians in Hostel. Years of watching crappy movies that usually had the word "slaughter" in them have jaded me about the careers of butcher and serial killers.

Sooo... muh wife and I were at Red Robin the other day to celebrate a pretty good occurence in her life. (Yeah... lame... I know...)

The wait staff wears red polo shirts and some sort of common colored pants. That's when we saw something weird... a woman walking around the restaurant frequently while wearing a white lab coat.

We couldn't figure it out for awhile and then finally saw the back of it.

It said -- "Potential Employee"

Ummm... what? We immediately began to wonder if that person was actually going through the interview process or was she pretty much hired and was just meeting everyone...

Regardless... it seemed somewhat mean to make someone wear this jacket....

I really wanted her to be a serial killer or related to the Brady's somehow.