Thursday, September 07, 2006

Book 42 of 26 -- The Simple Truth by David Baldacci

I continue on the David Baldacci train of books. I really enjoyed the first three books that he wrote as you have no doubt ignored so far. His writing has tremendous pacing and leaves the reader wanting more. He hit some major success with a movie adaptation of his first novel and continued to put out books annually thereafter.

So... I picked up the fourth book he wrote.. chronologically... entitled The Simple Truth. It is centered in the deep political bowels of the United States Supreme Court. When they were discussing the inner workings of the court, I was fascinated, but when the goofy all too convenient layers of intrigue kicked in, I was... unimpressed. I have read enough of these books to have a good sense of how they should go.

This one was just missing something to me. The words and intrigue were all there, but it was missing something... that little extra special something that made me want to care... or even keep turning the pages...

So... for giggles, I went onto Baldacci's website where he has a website of all the praise from reviewers that his books have received.

I knew it!

All of the books had at least ten or so sources that raved about the book... but The Simple Truth which only had two.

It isn't a terrible book, it's just hard to care about it at the same time.

I think I will take a break and read the new Faye Kellerman book next.

So the moral of this whole story?

Smelmooo does not equal crazy....

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