Friday, September 08, 2006

Supermarket Frustration -- A Love Story

One glorious morning before work, I stopped into the local supermarket to purchase a few non-perishable items before work.

I walked around the store like Little Red Riding Hood -- skipping along with my little basket dropping the five items that I needed. I walked up to the registers to check out when I saw that only one register was open.

"Phew!" I thought. "There is only one person in front of me so this really shouldn't take that long... even though her cart is over flowing."

I patiently waited while the clerk began to ring up the woman's items. I wasn't in a rush so it didn't really matter to me to wait a few minutes more than I usually do. The woman in front of me had a wide variety of items in her cart -- a great many of them coming from the produce aisle. She must have had about 24 items from the produce aisle and almost NONE of them were identifiable by sight or by sticker. It took quite some time for the clerk to get through all of these items.

The line behind me began to build up even though the clerk had called for a manager a couple times during this situation.

"COME ON!" someone three people behind me finally shouted. I wasn't too keen on this but I wanted to find out who she was yelling at. It couldn't have been the clerk's fault... she was doing her job and well I might add. Some things just take time.

So... I asked her. "Who are you yelling at?"

She replied, "The girl ringing everyone up. Why?"

I informed her, "It's not her fault that there is a line. It's poor planning by the manager and we all decided to leave at the same time... so please... tell me how it is her fault..."

She replied, "Oh shut up."

I smiled. "I will be happy to oblige if you do the same."

She harumphed and shut her pie hole.

Two minutes later, a manager came out and started another line, but that was after I had finished checking out myself."

I can still see that lady fuming...

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