Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Is it Just Me....

On Labor Day weekend, muh wife and I set out to buy some things for the house. We experienced some absolutely "amazing" (SARCASM ALERT) people that were confusing as heck to us... either because they were really weird or extremely rude.

One of the items that we purchased was in a very large and heavy box. It was large enough that I couldn't carry it without propping it up on my shoulder. It was heavy enough that when it was propped up on my shoulder, I didn't want to take it off without there being a purpose.

I walked up to the register with the box and a pair of clothing items that I wanted to purchase. I picked up the box and propped the UPC code up for the register person to scan. The guy wasn't that aware of the situation and spent a great deal of time folding one of my clothing items. It took me 20 seconds of struggle before I drew his attention to the box. He seemed annoyed that I would ruin the routine he was trying to follow. What? Pay attention folks.

After I was done, I took my receipt, put it into my wallet, and bent over to pick up the box. In the time it took me to do this, the next customer apparently walked up behind me. I found out he was behind me when I hit him with the box. He told me to watch out and be more careful next time. I kid you not when I say that there was not any room for me to move. I picked up the box and propped it up on my shoulder in the smallest amount of room possible. He was the problem in this one... and yet... spoke to me like I was the giant jack ass. I didn't know what to say to him... he had completley dumb founded me.

We then headed over to a furniture store. As we looked around, we watched a young kid that was about... umm... 12 years old... wandering around the store asking the same 19 questions to every sales person that he could find. It really appeared that he was just left there at the store since we saw him all over the store and it didn't seem like he was anyone. He really liked the color of the swatches that he was carrying around. We weren't sure whether to laugh or feel really sad for him.

At the deli counter, I had another slicer tell me that the way I wanted my cheese wasn't good. I had to tell her straight to her face, "Please just cut it the way I asked. It is the way I like it and I would prefer it that way." I was polite as can be and she was equally offended. Whatever happened to the Customer is Always Right rule? All I wanted was for it to be sliced slightly thinner than she wanted.

That's enough for now... I really don't want to sound like I am complaining... but I have noticed that people have gotten crazier...

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