Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Sunday Walk With a Camera and A Sense of Humor

On a recent Sunday afternoon, muh wife and I tethered Tucker to our arms for a nice walk into town to buy a bagel sandwich or something. Every single time that we make this trek -- no matter what the destination is -- I always regret the fact that I do not have my camera with me. There are a number of things that either make me smile all the time or just plain snicker.

This one trip, I had the camera.

Let's start off simple. I got this great photo of Tucker -- not so much for a picture of his butt, but rather for the picture of his shadow. Muh wife and I think the shadow of his tongue is priceless.

There is a gas station smack in the center of town and with the recent increases in gas prices, they weren't quite sure what to do with the "2's" and "3's." You will note that the "1's" are permanently on there and this station didn't have the hardware to really change it all that much. The sign looks pretty bad and I am pretty surprised that they would allow the sign to look so horrible.

The JOY of Electrolysis. From what I can gather by the 10 or so women that work in my office, Electrolysis is anything but a joy. I want to go into this place every time I pass it to see if they have any fun promotional literature or something, but to no avail... I am a sissy.

There is an Afghan Kebab House in Metuchen and they are always having some sort of deal. Yet... their signs almost always have a glaring spelling mistake on them. This month's special is no different!

We finally made it to the bagel store and I can't help but snicker. It is the only place that I know of where the OWNERS do not speak any English. You have to order by pointing at what you want. I have no problem with this... even in this world of extreme nationalism.

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