Friday, September 15, 2006

Three Word Movie Reviews

The 4400 (Season One -- Five Episodes) -- Really... Really Spppooooooooky.

Akeelah and the Bee -- Spelling Movie ... C-O-O-L

Black. White. (Season One) -- Stupid Contrived... Interesting

The Closer (Season One) -- Kyra Deserved Emmy....

The Closer (Season Two) -- Thank you.... Great.

The Dead Zone (2002) -- Lots of Goodness

The Dead Zone (Season One) -- Creepy, Interesting... Provacative

Derailed -- Good Weekend Drivel

The Devil Wears Prada -- LIKE IT!... BITCH

Friends With Money -- Ummm... Good? .... (Shrug)

Groundhog Day -- Funny As Ever

Inside Man -- Man... It's Good.

Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector -- Bad.... but amusing...

Little Miss Sunshine -- Pretty Frigging Funny

Looking For Comedy In The Muslim World -- Absolutley Abysmal Crap

Nanny McPhee -- A Pleasant Surprise

Nip/Tuck (Season 3) -- Over Top... Great!

Oz (Season 3) -- Dark... Bizarre... Excellent

Poseidon -- Pretty DARN Stupid

Proof (GUEST THREE WORD REVIEW BY Tangent Woman!!!) -- Piece of Shit

The Producers -- Sing.... Dance.... Enjoy!

Scary Movie 4 -- Stupid... yet... entertaining...

The Sentinel -- Argh... Predictable... Mediocre

Silent Hill -- Intensely Horrific... Fast

Sleeper Cell (Season One) -- HOLY CRAP GOOD

South Park (Season Eight) -- Best Season Overall

30 Days (Season One) -- I Learned Lots

30 Days (Season Two) -- Thought provoking... Interesting

United 93 -- Must See Film

V for Vendetta -- S For Stupendous

Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit -- Claymation Is Cool

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Anonymous said...

LOVE the Closer. Totally with ya on that one. Sadly, I haven't seen most of the rest because my husband and I are complete losers who can never find time to go to the movies!! :) Abby