Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Book 40 of 26 – Total Control by David Baldacci

Fresh on the heels of reading the debut novel of David Baldacci (Absolute Power), I picked up the paperback copy of Total Control, his second book chronologically. It was a mere 700 pages long and I ripped through it pretty quickly… as I was at the beach with muh beautiful wife and honey.

Total Control revolved around the story of a young woman who is a top lawyer at a major firm in the Washington D.C./Virginia area. Her husband works for a major technology company and they get caught up in international espionage that involves death, plane crashes, blackmail, and espionage.

Total Control was a total thrill ride from beginning to end and in terms of finding a good summer read, this book completely fits the bill.

It is a self contained book, as the characters are not in any other book.

Baldacci meticulously carries the reader through all the processes needed to understand all the details (That might actually be the only complaint about the book is that he is rather detail oriented.)

The characters are redeeming and you actually feel for them when they go through the emotions of discovering the death of those that they love.

Total Control was a pleasant surprise and a thoughtful read.

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