Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Hypothetical Question of the Day

Who do you think would win in a battle to the death?

A Polar Bear


A Saber Tooth Tiger?


szg said...

This one is easy. A polar wins.

First, if he gets home field advantage, the polar bear just needs to parry the sabre tooth's attacks until it freezes to death.

Second, regardless of homefield advantage, polar bear wins because it still exists. Sabre tooth is extinct. So the Polar Bear shows up for the fight, but no one else shows up.

Smelmooo said...

Let's put them on a newutral playing field.

Let's also move past the extinct versus real.

I think the polar bear wins purely because of his massive hands and claws.

Those things are frigging huge...and viscious. Polar bears are cute and in Coke commercials, but when attacked they use their big ass teeth as well.

steakbellie said...

Very good question.
I did alittle research and I found a video of a Lioness & a Bear Fighting in a cage. I really regret watching it now...pretty horrible but the Lioness kills the bear.

Palentologists put the weight of a Sabertooth at TWICE that of an African Lion. I'll guess that a Polar bear weighs twice as much as a regular black bear. So if you scale it the Saber still wins.

Also fighting style may come into play. The saber tooth would get one good extra deep bite in, and then back off and let it's foe get weakened.