Tuesday, August 15, 2006

One Year Anniversary-ish -- The Birth of "Tucker's Nuts"

Below... I have reprinted how I felt almost one year ago today... the day that Tucker lost his balls...his manhood... his NUTS.

In response to that, I began to name most of my fantasy teams -- Tucker's Nuts. It disturbs many of my competitors or just makes them not care about anything I write or do.

One of the only interesting things I can write about this during the last year is when I registered Tucker for some program, they didn't want to list him as a male...but rather... neutered. He is still a fella...balls or not!

I am sorry my little guy... and I offer this weird and odd tribute and memoir... to your nuts.


R.I.P. - Tucker's Manhood

Look at him... you know what he is thinking... "PLEASE DADDY!!! DON'T SNIP MUH NUTS!!!!!"

For all of my male readers out there, I implore you to read this announcement.

This morning was a tough drive as today, marks the day muh (our) sweet, dear little puppy has his nuts removed.

I wonder what is going on right now.

Are they still in?

Are they out?

Is it wrong that I wanted to ask them to put it into a jar?

Just curious.

Seriously though... I am surprised by the people that have asked me if I took "before" pictures...and those that suggested it. No one has thought it was weird if I did.

What do you think?


TUCKER IS FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got word from the veterinarian that Tucker did very well during his surgery.

This picture is of him on his way to the vet this morning.

He apparently is groggy and was good enough not to bite anyone's arm off.

Good Tucker.

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Anonymous said...

This is SOOOOOOOOO funny. Thanks for a good laugh. :) Fellow parent of an asexual doggie, Abby