Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hot Air Balloons and Me

When I was a kid, hot air balloons used to land in our neighbor's yard all the time. Our house was partially in the woods and those across the street had wide open fields behind their houses.

It was an ideal location for hot air balloons to land since it was in the very gorgeous and beautiful countryside of Hunterdon County.

Their backyards were ideal for launching balloons as well and many people would. We would try to go over there as kids to watch them launch.

One time, I even got into the basket and went up in a tethered balloon. That was cool... so every time that I see a hot air balloon, I have good warm feelings.

Muh wife and I recently went to a Balloon Fest party at a relative's house and the cul de sac where they live was lucky enough to have the Forbes Magazine Hot Air Balloon team launch their balloon from the driveway.

As they unpacked and filled the balloon full of air, the kids and adults alike touched the side of the balloon and got excited by this new experience. It was fun to watch and I liked the memories that it brought back.

There was even a moment where they let us walk into the partially inflated balloon -- an experience that the kids thoroughly..... and completely enjoyed...

It's time to think about my own balloon ride. I wonder if muh wife would want to go....

Anyway... here's some pictures of the event. I left out most pictures of people that matter...but enjoy some of these... I think a few of them are pretty good.


steakbellie said...

Thats Awesome! I cant believe you like balloons too Here's
some pics from my balloon ride last summer!
They're hilarious

Carrie said...

My friend is a hot air balloon pilot. I always wanted to go on a ride with her.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots, the last one looks like a postcard. I definitely recommend going on a ride with tangetwoman, you'll love it!